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A CockyBoy Is ______.
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A CockyBoy Is ______.

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Boomer Banks, Calvin Banks, Tegan Zayne, Jacen Zhu, Frankie Valentine & Justin Brody

Description: CockyBoys is proud to present the first installment of our newest erotic-doc series, exploring and defining the diversity of our unique performers. Don't let the blank space in the title fool you— "A CockyBoy is _____." showcases all the intricate talents and hobbies of our guys that fill in the other parts of their lives you may not necessarily see on camera.

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woodbuck on 09/02/2017 Hey guys, it's about time we get to see some blonds. all cockyboys are hot, but, its time to change it up a bit............just thinkin..........

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